Hey guys in this post I show you my new Activa 4G which I bought from my salary,
I love this bike, now I can reach at any place in my city using this bike without taking auto rickshaw or bus.

Below are the features of Activa 4G:
1.  Mileage (estimated)  -  60 kmpl
2.  Top Speed  -  82 km/h
3.  Fuel System  - Carburetor
4.  Engine Displacement -  109cc, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
5.  Electric Start
6.  Mobile charging socket
7.  New front cover design
The sad thing is you can't turn of the headlight, it has always on feature.
overall Activa 4G is very good and performance vise its very good it runs so smoothly.

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Bhavesh Desai Software QA Engineer

Bhavesh Desai is an Software QA Engineer and he do blogging in freetime

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