Download Pokemon Go APK file for Android | Safe link

Download Pokemon Go APK file for Android

Guys, I have created this article to share the Pokémon GO apk file to people, as you this game is available in only very few Countries and you will not able to find this in Google Play store.

Now a days, this game becomes so much popular in the world because it's totally different from other game here you need to walk on different places to get a Pokemon, basically it's works on GPS so you need to keep your GPS On in the mobile then you can start play.

Click below link to Download Pokemon GO APK

Download Pokemon Go APK file for Android

Point to Remember Before Start Playing Pokemon Go:
1. Keep Your GPS always ON,

2. Keep your internet data always ON: Yes, You need to use data pack to play this game you can use Wi-Fi but Wi-Fi has limited coverage area and you need to walk in different places so Wi-Fi is not possible.

3. Carry Keep Power bank:  Because this game drain so much battery because of GPS and Data is used parallel in the mobile so after few minutes you will notice that your battery draining fast.

4. Most Important thing is when you walk on the street to catch Pokemon, You must walk carefully to prevent an accident.

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