Opera rolling out native Ad-Blocking feature in mobile and desktop browser

opera adblocker

Earlier of this year, Opera browser for the web introduced the inbuilt ad blocking option and now today they also introduced ad blocker for mobile app browser. So it’s available on mobile and desktop devices.

opera adblocker

It blocks ads faster than extension

No additional download needed to use this.

Native ad blocker for desktop is available on version 37 which you can download from opera site. Now a day’s most of the website shown ads either in text, image or in video format. If you don’t want to see ad then just enable this option you won’t be able to see ads.

opera adblocker

The opera company also said that native ad blocker is faster than third party ad blocker add-on / extension and also consume less RAM in mobile.

How to download Latest Opera?

How to enable native ad blocker in mobile?

Open settings->Data Savings->see in the footer you will find the “Block ads” option.
Just enable it. And enjoy without an irritating ad on all the sites.

opera adblocker

(Note: if you couldn’t find block ads option it means you have not updated version. Just open google play and update opera) 

Source: Opera

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