Google's ALLO and DUO app for Android and IOS

Google will launch 2 messaging apps for android and ios devices.

Googles ALLO and DUO app for Android and IOS

ALLO - Smart messaging app: 
The first one is a new messaging app called Allo it will compete with WhatsApp. Basically, it’s a chat app and it based on mobile number

Googles ALLO and DUO app for Android and IOS

Features of Allo app:
ink :  You can make a doodle in your own photo and then you can send it over the chat and it’s called "ink" you can draw some design or art in the photo like same as Snapchat.

Send Sticker:  You send a sticker to a friend in the chat, just something like WECHAT and HIKE messenger.

Smart Replay: Another amazing feature is the Smart Reply. That app itself suggests you what reply you should send. It is something like bot. It suggests based on current friend status or relationship between you and your friend.

Book Restaurant: Allo can also able to book your restaurant with table no from chat app. 

DUO - Video calling app

It’s a video conference app and this will be competitor of SKYPE. This is also based on mobile number. It works on android and IOS devices.

Features of Duo app:
Knock Knock- This is Duo's feature. Its shows live streaming of caller on screen before the call pick up.
If you receive video call You can see the face of dialer with live streaming and you can decide you should pick call or not.

Smartly data use - This process runs in the background of the app. It monitors the quality of data and also it switches between data connect to Wi-Fi whichever is better.
Allo and duo apps will be available to download in this summer on android and IOS.

Do you think these apps will get more popularity than WhatsApp? Let’s see. It could happen anything because its Google. Suggest android n name

Android is asking suggestion for the good essert name of for next android version 
.i.e "Android N", You can also suggest to android by click on below link

Googles ALLO and DUO app for Android and IOS

SOURCE: Google Blog

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