WhatsApp | Now Send Excel, Word, PPT and PDF files

send excel, word,ppt and pdf in whatsapp

The new whatsApp beta version bought extended feature of sending doc file. As earlier whatsApp allowed us to send only pdf file.

Now they extended this feature for sending ability of different doc files such as  Excel , Word, PowerPoint file to anyone only if you have WhatsApp version 2.16.25
your friend does not need to have the latest version he can receive all the above mention files.

WhatsApp for android send Excel Word PPT file

How to install Whatsapp 2.16.25 ?
This is basically is beta version. And it can be downloaded from its official website or you can register BETA TESTING PROGRAM so you will get beta version in Google Play Store itself and install it manually.

Also note that beta version may be buggy application some crashes or get stopped because it’s in Beta testing in short its unstable version.

Bhavesh Desai Software QA Engineer

Bhavesh Desai is an Software QA Engineer and he do blogging in freetime

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