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FREE MailTrack for Gmail

In this article, I will show you How to Track Your Sent Email !!

WhatsApp has blue tick option and SMS has delivery report feature but did you hear about Receiver has read email or not?
There is the Google chrome extension called MailTrack. This is pretty good tool. Basically, this is third party tool for tracking sent mail and Gmail is missing this feature that’s why I love this extension.


You might be aware in WhatsApp blue tick option. When see the blue double tick in your send message it means your friend has read your msg. Exactly the same thing is being applied here but the here  color of double check os Green.

Whenever your sent email has been open receiver then immediate you will get a desktop notification which notifies you which mail and who has read your mail with time detail.

FREE MailTrack for Gmail

 If the nail receiver has also installed the same extension in his computer then you will get notify by with his name. If a receiver has not installed the same extension then you will not get a name of a receiver in the Notification Message.

*Advantages of  MailTrack:
1.    Its Free: Yes, It’s 100% Free to use. Just download extension and sign up with your gmail account.
2.    Receive Immediate Desktop Notification when your message has been read.
3.    Easy To Use. After configuration its so easy to use this feature no additional settings required.

*Disadvantages of MailTrack:
1.    You can track your email only for Gmail
2.    If you use FREE subscription, each and every time you need to remove the MailTrack text from compose mail each time. This is little bit irritated. You can upgrade account to neglect this.

How to install MailTrack ?
The MailTrack is the chrome extension. Just click below link from CHROME

FREE MailTrack for Gmail

And click on install. After installation, it will ask to sign up in MailTrack. Then your Gmail account will integrate with MailTrack and its automatically start tracking your all sent mail.

What is the meaning of single tick?
The single tick means your mail has delivered but a person has not read yet

FREE MailTrack for Gmail

What is the meaning of double tick?
You will find the green tick in the Gmail list which says your email has been read by person name or device name as shown in below screenshot.

FREE MailTrack for Gmail

The good thing is its 100% free (with a limited feature). It will ask you for Upgrade account many times just close and ignore the message.
Note: Every time you need to remove MailTrack message from composing when you send the email.

FREE MailTrack for Gmail

If  you have any question on this please feel free to leaves comment below.

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