Telegram launched 5000 member supergroups and pinned posts

launched 5000 member supergroups and pinned posts

Telegram is the best messenger after the WhatsApp and it is more secure than other messengers like WhatsApp and line because Telegram is based on MTProtocol.

Supergroups 5000: Public Groups, Pinned Posts
In the latest update of telegram launched supergroup feature with this you can add 5000 members in one group. It's an amazing thing that large no of people can talk together in the single group. And  earlier the limit was set to 1000.

Additionally, The supergroup has another feature called pinned post. Here you can Pinned any post at the top of the chat screen so group member can what's new in the group.
Supergroups can now public and group URLs can be shared with anyone, To prevent from spam in public the admin can use moderation tools admin can delete particular a user’s message, ban the user, report user or delete user’s messages from group.

This supergroup update is on v3.7 for both android and ios devices. The android app can be downloaded from google play and iPhone user can download from apple store from their mobile.

launched 5000 member supergroups and pinned posts

Meanwhile, in recent WhatsApp update they extended the grouplimit to 256 (Before it as 100 member limitation)and as compare to WhatsApp has low group member limitation. But as we all know WhatsApp is the best and very popular messaging application in the world.

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