WhatsApp May Soon Introduce Integration with Facebook Feature

WhatsApp, The world’s most popular messaging app,  which is owned by Facebook.
In the latest version of WhatsApp APK for Android End-To-End Encryption option so we can assume that WhatsApp May Soon Introduce Integration with Facebook Feature in next few updates. 

For WhatsApp version 2.12.413 as screenshot spotted by Android developer Javier Santos.

Whatsapp Integration with Facebook

The information may include WhatsApp Call and Whatsapp Chat with user’s Facebook account with the instant. So may be a user can chat and talk (using voice call) with their respective facebook friends using WhatsApp.

It’s not clear what information will be shared between WhatsApp and Facebook account, Currently, we can just assume that the WhatsApp and Facebook will share their contact lists i.e. Friends list.

Whatsapp Integration with Facebook

The Feature of integration, as you can see in the screenshot, It is shown in Account Settings of WhatsApp account. It asking whether a user wants to share users WhatsApp Account information with Facebook to improve facebook experience. As sentence said “Improve facebook experience” may be on Facebook (Mobile app or Website) a user can chat with their WhatsApp friend or from Whatsapp user can chat with facebook friend or both not sure this will be the exact feature of this settings. We just need to wait and watch till WhatsApp next update.

Bhavesh Desai Software QA Engineer

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