WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

UPDATE  14-May-2016

Today WhatsApp Calling option arrived in android device in beta version 2.16.80
Note: this version is not available in google play officially until you had signed up beta testing program.

Make note that currently, it’s in beta version if you will try to make video call it says “Video calling is unavailable at this time.”

 This is an initial step of rolling out Video calling feature. Now we can assure that in next version WhatsApp comes up with Video Calling option officially.

Become Whatsapp Beta Tester Officially

UPDATE  5-May-2016

As you know Whatsapp become popular day by day and very rarely people are using SMS now a days. and now so may new features coming WhatsApp like
Voice mail option- to sen short voice message when oppisite person is busy or in out of range for emergency situation,  Call back option to callback a person whom you called and Zip file sharing options (zip file contain multiple files which can be in different format like mp3, mp4, jpg, exe).

WhatsApp Video CallWhatsApp Video Call
Today I will tell you that most awaited feature i.e. WhatsApp Video calling feature is coming to IOS first. this is an initial step of rolling out WhatsApp video call in IOS device we hope that in next version of WhatsApp it could be available officially.

The latest beta version for WhatsApp in IOS has video calling option to call any person. Currently, this option is available only for IOS devices but there is no info available for android users at this time.

Phoneradar is the site who shown up first  and the video calling feature is coming in iPhone device first but for android we can hope that this feature will be available officially. Techwebcenter will notify you once its available for android even if it is in beta version.

UPDATE  26-December-2015

WhatsApp Video Call
Well here is good news for all the WhatsApp people

The video calling feature is coming soon in WhatsApp. you can see above first screenshot at left side call cut option and right side you can pick up the call. and in second screenshot you can see mute audio in left side, cut call in center, switch camera option in right side and above cut call option you can see own video preview in small part of screen.

And screenshot is spotted online of video calling feature. This screenshot is for iPhone device. hopefully this update would come first in Android.
The screenshot was posted by German Apple blog Macerkopf

I can say that this is the best and awesome feature in WhatsApp. currently i think it is in testing phase once testing complete it will come first in beta version . It will be very interesting and amazing to see how WhatsApp video calls option work on mobile devices. as you know Skype already has the video calling option on Mobile as well as desktop platform so it will be big competitor of Skype. lets see Skype users will move towards WhatsApp or stick with Skype.


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